C More

The challenge

C More is a Video On Demand (VOD) company that targets the Nordic countries. Their industry is highly competitive and their product is digitalized at a very fast pace. During Q4 2015 C More wanted to run a brand building campaign for their Movies/Series offer. Through digital campaigns, they also wanted to increase conversions in their Movies/Series offer, primarily for the shows GåsmammanVersaille & Beck. Their budget was limited, and high demands were set on reaching the conversion goals. They came to us to gather more information regarding their target groups in order to ensure that their message was relevant and would result in conversions.


By tracking the visitors on C Mores site they could perform an in-depth analysis of their target audiences. Not surprisingly, the sports segment was overrepresented on their website. However, not in the Movies/Series category. Based on the analysis, it was clear that the conversions would come from individuals in C Mores secondary target groups. However, they saw a possibility to build knowledge (and later conversions) in the sports profiles.

Their campaign goal was to drive conversations in the newly defined primary target group and building knowledge in the secondary target groups that were believed to eventually convert. For the programmatic buying part, a value for each individual browser (profile) was defined. Since some are closer to converting, they will be more valuable than others. Through the entire campaign, it was continuously optimized to ensure it followed user trends and was accurate in the buying cycle.

Since working on a limited budget, the campaign strictly bought users within the target groups defined before the campaign started – all impressions outside these groups were considered waste.


Almost instantly, the strategy proved effective. Every Movies/Series offer reached their conversions goals and exceeded them. Our data shows that the majority of conversions came from the groups defined as most likely to convert. During the later part of the campaign, the secondary target groups also started to convert.