Programmatic Advisor

Stockholm, Sweden

About the role

As a DSP Advisor your main focus is to work with Media Agencies that have a Trading Desk or use Delta Projects Campaign Management Team to deliver their programmatic online media campaigns. You build up the media agencies competence and help them achieve their goals with their campaigns. You work closely with the media agencies to come up with campaign ideas, keep them up to date with product knowledge and participate in client workshops. A DSP Advisor’s main goal is to secure that the agencies online budgets are well executed and that their knowledge about programmatic buying and Delta Projects continues to develop.

We're offering you

  • an opportunity to be at the forefront of online advertising business and technology
  • varied and stimulating tasks in an informal and international environment
  • a positive and exciting work atmosphere
  • a chance to be a part of a successful company, with a very strong growth

Your responsibilities

Media agency contact person

As media agency contact person you are together with an Account Executive, Head of Sales or a Country Manager responsible for the media agency’s full experience with Delta Projects.


  • Help the agency to have a good understanding of what programmatic buying means and how this form of buying will positively benefit the agency.
  • Make sure the agency understands Delta Projects DSP’s unique selling points.
  • Participate in quarterly workshops, which displays the clients programmatic development and how they compare to the market.

Client Development

  • Competitor analysis: which competitors are they working with and how much business are they doing with them.
  • Account plan: What is the goal for the client with Delta. Do they want to stay as a managed client or do they want to become self served
  • Develop each agencies client through providing campaign ideas: Budget estimates, campaign set ups, estimated campaign results.

Campaign Management

  • Set up the campaign in Delta Projects DSP or train the trading desk (TD) how to set up the campaign
  • Send the agency optimization tips
  • Help with campaign debriefing
  • Create pre and post reports

Sales Focus

  • Support the Account Executive, Head of Sales or a Country Manager with proposals, offers, orders for the agency.
  • Support the Account Executive, Head of Sales or a Country Manager with the revenue goals for the client.

Campaign delivery

DSP Advisor has 100% responsibility for the campaign performance and delivery. The DSP Advisor has support from HQ campaign management team; however, it is the DSP Advisor’s responsibility to keep the agency informed so that we meet the campaign goals according to budget spend.

Our requirements

Personal knowledge and training

DSP Advisor should be able to preform the following tasks:

  • Set up and start complex DSP campaigns
  • Campaign optimization
  • Start up and train new DSP agencies
  • Take the role as trusted adviser toward the agency

DSP Advisor is personally responsible for keeping up to date with the latest trends and products with in the Programmatic buying space in particular and online advertising in general.

Contact person

Peter Karlsson, Country Manager Norway. +47 932 366 36