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Bring your digital marketing to the next level, making it more effective utilizing the latest technologies available. Our Demand Side Platform (DSP) will assist with optimizing your campaigns across multiple publisher sites. Step into a world of automated workflows that will save you time and money while delivering high performing campaigns. Book a free demo to get to know more about how our technology can help you.

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How does programmatic work?

Since you found us you probably heard about Programmatic Advertising, but you among others might still have trouble to understand exactly what it is. To put it short, it’s a way to automatically buy and optimize your digital campaigns. You can use our systems to automatically buy and optimize your digital campaigns and place ads on multiple publishers sites. Programmatic Advertising has an incredible scalability and it allows you to purchase almost any inventory available on the Internet, but by only using one system.


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The wine world has a tradition of being very print heavy, but since the digitalisation is constantly increasing, we also have to take the steps towards digital communication. Delta Projects has from day one shown great understanding of our business in the very regulated market that we are acting on and supported us in how we can develop and grow our business.

— Emma Hanuliak

Viva Wine & Spirits

One challenge today is to take advantage of all the data that we as retailers collect. In order to distinguish ourselves and give our customers the best service, it’s about becoming personal and engaging based on the individual's buying patterns. We have to get closer to our own data and also own it, therefore we made the choice to take programmatic purchases inhouse. In our partnership with Delta, they continuously help us interpret our own data and optimize our campaigns.

— Michael Grimborg


Skincity has long been very focused on digital marketing, and above all conversion-driven social media and email campaigns. When we would start buying programmatically to enhance branding, we looked for a system that could give us full control over our KPIs. In Delta's DSP and DMP, we can buy just the right target groups, whenever we want and how we want, and we can start and stop the campaigns very quickly and easily.

— Malin Born


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