Creative specifications

Format recommendations

Here you will be able to find the most common format for each market:

For further format recommendations please contact your Delta representative.

Display Advertising / HTML5 Guidelines

Delta Projects is invoking the iAB standard guidelines for display ads. Please follow the these guidelines in order to gain access to all platforms.

To create material that is compatible with our Ad Server, please follow our HTML5 guidelines. In these guidelines we will describe how you are to configure your material to include the following requirements:


If you are using  Animate CC or GWD please follow our Adobe Animate CC tutorial or Google Web Design tutorial on how to make your ads Delta compatible.

If you wish to create dynamic material, we’ve described how to set these up in our Dynamic Ad documentation, that you will find here.

Specifications for Video Advertising

To see specifications for VAST tags and video files for buying VAST inventory through the Delta Projects DSP, please see our Video Ad Specification.

Supported third party tags

In our Ad Server documentation you will find which ad servers are supported in our systems. If you are using any other ad server, please alert us 3 weeks before campaign start.