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When working together, we make sure to find the solution most suitable for your needs – whether you’re an experienced ad tech-wiz or just getting started with programmatic buying. Either way, we’ll sort you out with the right tools and make sure your message reaches those who truly care.

Customer insights

• In-depth analysis based on actual browser behavior

• Identify your target group based on more than 300 million profiles


We work with solid data, based on more than 300 million profiles. Each profile can then be individually targeted based on more than 300 data points, taking into account things like device, interest, age and gender.

This means that your message can be placed right in front of the exact person who should be seeing it, not just somewhere where the right person might eventually come along. These parameters are reconfigured more than 50 000 times a month, making sure that your targeting remains on point and exact. Our system can even help you identify which profiles are simply browsing for information and which ones are about to make a purchase, helping you fine-tune your budget even further.



• Complete grounds for decision-making

• Brand-safe environments

• Pre-negotiated deals


The insights are analyzed and presented to you in an easy-to-comprehend report, allowing you to interpret and base your decisions on all available data. Which target groups warrant a broader reach? Which groups have the greatest conversion rates? A number of setups can be relevant for your campaign, such as targeting specific profiles, retargeting your visitors or creating custom target groups.

Next, it’s time to look at which environments are suitable for your message – our brand-safe site pools or a tailored site list. In order to find the most relevant inventory for each campaign, we’ve established local media deals in every one of our markets. Furthermore, you can easily integrate your pre-negotiated media deals into our Private Marketplaces (PMP’s).


  • Continuous, built-in optimization
  • Real-time statistics
  • Programmatic buying at its’ best


The campaign is then executed based on the parameters defined in the planning phase. As your campaign is running, our system is continuously fine-tuning it based on data gathered in real-time. There are several measures you can take to ensure that your campaign runs according to plan. You can start and stop the campaign, A/B test different banners, optimize towards higher viewability and experiment with different formats.


Also, you can allocate budgets at any time during the campaign, making sure that your budget is being used in the best possible way. Gone are the days where your budget faded away on some irrelevant site. And the best part is that our system has built-in automatic optimizers to help you keep track of all this and stay focused on the big picture.



• Basis for future campaign strategies

• Customized dashboards


After your campaign is completed, a thorough report will be available to you through the platform. This will allow you to evaluate the results of the campaign, and compare them to the goals defined in the planning stage.

Our standard reports offer a comprehensive analysis of most aspects of your campaign – such as how far into the target group your budget managed to reach, or whether or not a different inventory selection could have been more effective – but you can also create your own customized dashboards. The campaign report is a great foundation for future campaign strategies.

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