Full stack platform

Delta Projects platform (DSP + DMP + Ad Server + Big Data) is a full-service display, video and mobile advertising trading station from which media buyers can plan, purchase and track advertising in real-time. By utilizing big data and machine learning models we can seamlessly move data in real-time to the DSP for proper targeting and campaign execution.


Delta Big Data facilitate the unique reporting capability of our Ad Server as clients for the first time can validate that they have reached their target groups within the campaign. We have developed our platform in order to meet the demands from media buyers: access to in-depth tracking, profile data and all media partners (video, mobile and display) in one single easy-to-use interface.



Delta DSP

Our DSP provides full access to programmatic media. With multiple targeting options, built-in fraud detection and several optimizers it ensures the efficiency of your campaigns.

Delta DMP

Delta DMP works as the memory to our system – all data we collect is stored here. The collected information gives us a specific picture for each individual browser.

Delta AdServer

Our Ad Server offer real-time reporting and provides real-time executable data and customizable reports that support your campaigns. It is also the first ad server ever that offer global frequencies.

General features


Data supports your display campaign during all stages, making sure your campaigns are as effective and relevant as possible.

Every month, users see thousands of banner ads when the go online - you need to stand out to make an impression. Optimize towards in-screen and size to increase viewability. With our platform and it’s real-time connectivity, all campaign decisions are based on big data, making sure you have all the tools you need to take your marketing to the next level. 


The added security of our built-in fraud detection combined with optimizations and audience extensions makes sure your branding campaigns reach your KPIs.

Programmatic buying is perfect for branding. Most big publishers offer their premium inventory via Open RTB or PMPs, and our built-in fraud detection eliminates all fraudulent behavior. Our platforms gives you full control of all aspects of your campaign, offer global cross-device frequency capping, and allow you to optimize towards viewability. To broaden your target audience and extend the reach of your campaign, use Twins to target audiences who have displayed similar behavior to your defined target audience.

Behavioral targeting

Target the audience you want to reach more effectively based on their online behavior.

Analyzing online behavior can give you new and valuable insights about your audiences. We analyze the behavior of million of browser and add them to our Delta Profiles. By knowing your audience's current interests we can make sure your marketing budget is spent on impressions that are the most relevant. By using behavioral targeting to reach your target audience, based on their online actions, your campaigns will have maximum impact.

Audience Intelligence

By knowing your target group's behavior, we'll know exactly how to reach them - ensuring the best campaign results possible. 

When it comes to online advertising, you can never know too much. Before, after and during your campaign, data support all decisions made. We offer detailed reports, both before and after your campaign, with full transparency. For example, before launching your campaign we'll perform a comprehensive profile analysis of your site. And once the campaign is done, we'll account for all the KPIs in your campaign, whether it's CTR, reach in the target group or gender reach.

Fraud detection

Our built-in fraud detection eliminates all fraudulent clicks from reporting, and we never work with non-secure inventory.

Fraudulent actions can cost a lot of money, and make it difficult to analyze your campaign's performance. Our built-in fraud detection eliminates all actions that can be assumed to be fraudulent from our reports to ensure that your budget is spent on real people and that your goals are actually reached. We never work with unreliable suppliers or publishers and have manually checked all our white-listed sites.

Global frequencies

Decide on how many times you want your clients to see your ad.

If you have more than one campaign running at the same time, IO booking or programmatic, you can use this feature to set a frequency for all campaigns combined.

In-screen optimizer

Optimize your campaigns toward in-screen placements. 

Our in-screen optimizer progressively buys placements with a good historical in-screen value to increase the viewability of your campaign. Every impression is measured and optimized in real-time.


Mobile advertising is growing at an ever-increasing pace and is a vital part of your campaign strategy.

In today's mobile world, online advertising has to be optimized for this new era. By identifying which devices are relevant for your customers, you can target them with messages that are tailored for that environment. Our unique platform offers you the same comprehensive tools for planning, executing and reporting your programmatic campaigns on any device and lets you incorporate the advantages of big data in you mobile advertising.


Improve your conversion rates and optimize your budget with the help of real-time data.

We offer you all the tools you need to reach your campaign's performance goals. Our platform combines the strength of real-time big data and targeting to optimize, in real-time, the percentage of quality clicks that actually convert. By using behavioral targeting to only buy impressions for your target audience, you'll get more bang for your buck.


Move your pre-existing media deals, or create new ones, to our platform and take advantage of all that programmatic buying offers. 

By moving all your media deals into our platform, many new possibilities arise.

By using programmatic buying, the once static deals turn into deals that can buy specific audiences and profiles, perform retargeting and optimize in real time. By combining your deals with open RTB you'll achieve greater results in both your branding and performance campaigns since they are supporting each other through the same platform. 


Target users based on their previous online actions, such as website visits or search history - and much more.

Not retargeting your audience is like not targeting a customer group that's already shown interest in your product. This is your most valuable target group, since they have already gotten in contact with you. However, you can’t rely solely on retargeting - your target group needs to grow. Combine retargeting with twins and behavioral targeting to make sure your target group keeps growing.

Safe environments

Take charge over where your ads are seen.

Different messages require different environments. What's suitable for a branding campaign might not be the best choice for a performance campaign - and vice versa. We offer brand-safe environments, white-listed sites, site pools and the possibility to create your own site lists, all to ensure that your ads are shown only where you want them.


Extend your audience with Delta Twins. 

Your customers all have very specific online browsing behavior. By searching for other users that show similar behavior, we can extend your audience and increase your reach. To make further insights from you audience, import and take advantage of your CRM data.


Video is, together with Mobile, the fastest growing online media type - and a great way to boost branding and conversions rates. 

Today's technology has given us the means to view online video at any place and any time, and this is something advertisers should take advantage of. Online video inventory and reach is growing rapidly, so make sure you are ready for it. Our platform offers a wide range of options in targeting and optimizing for video campaigns, and our media hosting solution has been developed with online video in focus.

Viewable CPM  

Measure you campaign with viewable CPM - a metric clearly shows what you've paid for your viewable impressions.

The viewable CPM metric allows you to use one metric for all your online activities, clearly stating what you've paid for the viewable impressions you got. By using this and our in-screen optimizer, which optimizes your campaign towards placements with high viewability, we can make sure you receive the maximum viewable impressions for the lowest possible price.

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