CCS Healthcare

The challenge

CCS is a Swedish healthcare company, determined to produce the best beauty products on the market. Their primary target group is women aged 25-49, which is notoriously hard to reach. Apart from being quite busy, the target group is bombarded with messages at any given moment and you need to really stand out to be heard through the noise.

CCS wanted to spread their core values to their audience: they are a Swedish company with production in Dalarna, they value natural ingredients, and they are dedicated to beauty and health. The branding campaign had a limited budget, which put high demands on finding cost-efficient solutions.


Even before the campaign started CCS’s media agency, Lorentzon & Mannheimer, used our technology to analyze which audience to target.

They actively decided against profiles that contained a lot of young women, and instead focused solely on profiles where we would meet a more mature audience. Within these profiles, a campaign containing of both Video and In-banner Video was executed.

The campaign consisted of open programmatic purchases, programmatic deals and fixed placements. A global frequency cap was set over all activities to ensure we avoided reaching a duplicated audience.

Simultaneously with the five-week digital campaign, CCS offered their products in shops and pharmacies at a discounted price.


Through optimizing towards high viewability placements and handpicking the target groups, the campaign reached a truly impressive CTR at 1,02 %. By combining programmatic purchases, to ensure the target population was reached, and fixed placements, to strengthen the contextual environment, CCS was able to reach their audience on premium sites.

The campaign  had over 6 million impressions, of which over 2 million was unique impressions, making the overall frequency 3. Even though the campaign was optimized towards large formats, the media spend was kept at a minimum.

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