Clas Ohlson

reaching the right audience and using relevant metrics

The challenge

Clas Ohlson is an international retail company, with over 200 stores world wide. Apart from their stores they offer a web shop for their products. Clas Ohlson Norway came to us, having trouble valuing the effectiveness of their advertising. Most visitors to Clas Ohlson’s website is there comparing products, or planning for their visit to an actual Clas Ohlson store. This makes conversion a less suitable measurement, since there isn’t a very big volume of order generation. The challenge was not only to drive relevant traffic to their website, but also to provide a way to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.


We implemented pixels on Clas Ohlsons website, and made an in-depth analysis of their traffic. Our pre-campaign report found their primary and secondary target audiences, as well as what actions needed to be taken within the groups. Based on the analysis, target groups were created from our data segments, and targeted with their advertisements. It was determined that the campaigns success should be measured in bounce rate.


During the campaigns period we were able to reduce the bounce rate from 18% (for all traffic to their site during the same period) to 10% in the most relevant profiles. By only focusing on relevant audiences, we also kept waste to a minimum.


24 March - 16 April

Campaign period

1 700 000

Reach within profiles


Bounce rate

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